Rippe Lifestyle Institute

Founded by James M. Rippe, M.D., Rippe Lifestyle Institute is one of the leading research, communication and health promotion organizations in the world. Through research, publishing and partnering in health promotion and disease prevention projects, the various divisions and two locations of Rippe Lifestyle Institute are helping empower people to lead healthier lifestyles with the passion, commitment and performance that have made RLI a leading authority on lifestyle and health.

James M. Rippe, M.D., a Harvard-trained cardiologist and Professor of Biomedical Sciences at the University of Central Florida, founded Rippe Lifestyle Institute with a vision of becoming not only the leading organization performing research but also the leading organization communicating the ways daily lifestyle habits and practices affect health. Today professionals in research, medicine, healthcare, nutrition, exercise, technology, communications, multimedia and marketing are working under Dr. Rippe's direction to make that vision a reality.

For more information about the clients we partner with, our staff and the senior research consultants we work with, visit our Rippe Health website.